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Life as we knew it completely changed for the both of us on April 3rd, 2004. It started with an amazing lunch at Zona 78 followed by unadulterated kid play at Funtastics: Laser Tag, followed by Go-Karts, followed by Putt-Putt, followed by ticket hoarding through video games! As the afternoon came to an end we took our handful of winning tickets and weeded through the carnival-esque treats, finally picking out our unique purple and green 'friendship' bracelets and a football to walk away with as memories. From there we played in the parking lot with our newly won football and I knew at that moment I was DONE. I never thought I'd top that day until...the next day came along. We went on our 1st hike to Pontatoc Trail in the Catalina Mountains in the pouring rain and had so much most fun talking, laughing and learning more about one another. Toni (Mel's Mom) appropriately calls that day "Love at first Hike"...This couldn't be more true! From that weekend on, with the exception of Mel's trip to visit her friend Cathy that next weekend in Albuquerque and my 10 day excursion to the Grand Canyon the following week, the two of us have been inseparable! Every day being better than the previous!

On July 10, 2004, our lives drastically changed again! I surprised Melissa on a re-visit hike to Pontatoc Trail by proposing to her at the top of the waterfall where we first sat that incredible rainy day on April 4th...and yes, she said YES! We have been so excited about solidifying our future and the support from all our family and friends has been amazing. We had both been extremely patient, looking and waiting for the right person to come into each others lives and all that effort has paid off profusely! We are absolutely PERFECT for each other! We both have two incredible families that love us to death and we are so excited about merging these two entities together! Craziness, I tell ya...Craziness. We took a few pictures of our incredible day on July 10th and thought we'd share them with you. Thanks everyone for the kind words and generous support! We wouldn't be here without you!

On My Knee Making Proposal