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What a way to spend a Honeymoon...HAWAII...four days in Oahu followed by five days in Maui. We had the best time! It definitely wasn't one of those lay on the beach Honeymoons either. We did so many different events that we needed to relax once we got back to the Mainland. After our Saturday wedding, we relaxed Sunday in San Diego with Melissa's parents until we left early Monday morning for Oahu. We spent our first day just checking out the area in Waikiki where our hotel was (Outrigger Waikiki).
 Tuesday was spent hiking Diamond Head Crater. This crater used to be an old WWII bunker that had over 270 stairs to reach to top. It had a great view of Waikiki!
 We rented a car on Wednesday and decided to drive around the Island and check out the big waves at Sunset Beach and the rest of the North Shore. The power of the ocean is amazing...and scary. The local surfers are nuts!
 On Thursday, Mel and I signed up for a Kayaking trip in Kailua to the Mokulua Islands. Originally we had signed up for a Self-Guided tour but after viewing the Safety Videos we smartly upgraded to a Guided tour. Ryan was our guide and he was such a great guy. We saw a few turtles on the way back from the Islands which helped motivate us to finish the 1-1/2 mile journey...lets just say our arms were pretty spent later that night.
 Friday took us on a plane to Maui where we chilled for the day and prepared for the festivities ahead. We woke up early on Saturday morning and headed off to the Pacific Whale Foundation for a full day snorkeling trip to both Turtle Arches and Molokini Crater. This was such an incredible trip - despite my sever fear of SHARKS! My uncle Greg took me to see JAWS when it first came out (1975) and I've been scarred ever since. We saw three huge sea turtles at Turtle Arches and the water was like swimming in a pool at Molokini Crater. Definitely one of the top 2 things we did while there!
 Sunday morning began even earlier than the day before! We we're picked up at 2:00 am by Bike It Maui for a 38 mile mountain biking trek down the 10,000 foot Haleakala volcano. It was a nice ride but a little too structured for photography phreaks like Mel and I. Even so, seeing sunrise from above the clouds was an experience to remember. That night we attended a Sunset Cruise and saw so many whales before embarrassing ourselves learning the local Hula dances. This too was one of our favorite things we did! Thanks Mike for the Honeymoon gift!
 Monday was Drive to Hana day...this was a 35 mile drive through the most lush area of Maui. There are waterfalls along the way and breath taking views every 10 feet. It took us 7 hours to get to the end. The locals say "it's the journey, not the destination" that matters. They are correct! The town of Hana is nothing but a hotel, restaurant and a post office...Thanks for nothin'...Even so, this road has over 300 sharp turns that are worth seeing...once. I wouldn't take the trip again.
 Our last full day was Tuesday and we decided to take surfing lessons at Goofy Foot Surf School. What a great time! Mel and I both got up early and often and we had a professional surf photographer snapping away for us so we have extreme proof of us busting our a#@. I must admit, Mel was far more natural looking out there than I was. Even so, this and snorkeling were interchangeable as our two favorite events over the whole Honeymoon.
 We flew back to San Diego on Wednesday and sifted through the 700+ pictures with Mel's parents before we headed back to Tucson. It was an incredible trip that had us reeling to move to Maui to continue our vacation life...nice dream, huh.