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Memorial Day 2004 was spent in the Windy City with the introduction of Melissa to the entire Rawn Family. The original crew sadly did not include the Mole (Molly to others...) until she snuck into to town in cahoots with Megan. She surprised Mom and Dad early in the day and then sprang out of hiding minutes into Melissa and I walking in the door...and what a surprise it was! Thanks Mole for popping into town - it made the weekend!!! We hung out Friday night with a great salmon dinner and caught up on everything and laughed until it was time to go to bed. Saturday was spent walking around the Magnificent Mile checking out Nike Town and eating lunch at the ESPN Zone. It began to rain towards the end of the day so we headed back for another great home cooked dinner and round one of browsing old pictures in an effort to embarrass Colin to the amusement of others. We haven't laughed that hard together in a long time! Melissa was a hit from minute one as the entire Rawn family gave me raving reviews every minute of every day...No surprise to me - I knew she'd be Aces!

Sunday started with rain and clouds which led us to round two of the weekend picture fest. Melissa saw more of the Rawn family than she ever thought possible - Mel, you were a champ! Sunday was also another day of walking around different shopping venues followed by a great Mexican lunch. Megan had to fly out that afternoon so Melissa and I said our goodbye's and had my Dad drop us off again at Nike Town where we walked home along Lake Michigan, taking in the beautiful sites of the sailboats and fountains. We finished with another great home cooked meal and laughter as we turned in early in order to make are pre-dawn flights back to Tucson.

It was so great for Melissa to finally meet the craziness of the Rawn's! It took about 3 seconds to break the ice as Melissa fit in like she'd been a part of the crew for years. Each day was full of laughter and I can't wait for us all to be together again. Thanks again Mole for making the trip. We'll see you again in Montana next month but now it won't be an initial introduction...except for Jason! What a great weekend! Thanks Everyone!!!