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Mel and I drove 10 hours to Moab, Utah over Labor Day weekend to meet up with my sister Megan and her family for a weekend of site seeing and mountain biking. We pulled into the KOA campground around 2:30 am and set up our tent in a blustering wind before crashing hard after the long drive. Megan, Scott and the Boyz arrived from Montana early Saturday afternoon and once we got everything set up, we went off for a mountain bike ride in the desert. Unfortunately, it was POURING down rain where we were going to ride so we compromised and found a huge sand dune hill to climb. We cooked marshmallows that night and relaxed with the hopes of getting a ride in the next morning. We woke up Sunday to a beautiful day and grubbed on pancakes and eggs all morning till it was time to hit the trail. We chose what the locals called an "Easy, Family trail" which turned out to be anything but. We had a 3rd-wheel attachment on Scott's bike so Mason could join us on the trail but once we got through the first set of rough terrain, the Moose wanted no more! Scott decided to hit an easier trail with Mason while Mel, Megan, Jack, Tabor, and I went ahead on the current trail until I busted my chain about 4 miles into the ride. Luckily, another rider had a chain clamp and I was able to get the chain working again to get back to the Base where the cars were parked. When we got back, Scott and Megan took off for a longer ride (since Scott didn't get much of a challenge carting Moose around) while Mel and I took the Boyz back to the campground for some lunch and pool action. We had another campground dinner and crashed a little early after a long day in the sun. We got up early Monday morning and grubbed again before packing up for the long ride home.  Before leaving town, Mel and I spent about an hour driving through the beautiful Arches National Park. I've been to many National Parks and I must say Arches ranks up in the top 5 for sure. I highly recommend experiencing it if you can!

Even though it was a bit of a long journey for a 3-day weekend, everyone had a great time and it set the tone for future adventures between the Rawn's and the Ulrichs'. We hope to add my other Sister and Jason on the next trip to make it a full family affair!!!