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Over Mother's Day weekend 2004, Melissa and I went to her cousin's wedding outside of Sacramento in the quaint little mining town Nevada City. It was a great escape from the heat of Tucson as we were surrounded by Ponderosa pines and rolling hills. More importantly, it was my first opportunity to meet Melissa's family - both immediate and extended. Great (HILARIOUS) family! They are as crazy as my family so I felt right at home. The wedding itself was short and sweet and took place in a tucked away spot with a flowing waterfall as the backdrop. The reception was nice as I got to meet all the personalities of the Estrada family. Bill and Matt (Dad and big Brother) had me in stitches the whole time. Her Grandfather was adorable and was out there at 94 cuttin' the rug with the rest of family. It was a great time!
 After the reception, Melissa and I got to walk around the town of Nevada City. It's an old mining town from the late 1800's and has been able to maintain it's small town charm over the years. There were tons of old beautiful wooden houses with white picket fences and schoolyards for kids to play and play...even big kids like Mel and I. We grabbed dinner at a local coffee shop as all the restaurants were full of Prom Night kids from the local high school. The 70's flop hairstyle is certainly back in full swing! We finished the night off by taking the scenic route home (uummm...getting lost) and coasting into the driveway on fumes. A great day indeed!
 Thanks Estrada's for making me feel so welcome! It was wonderful meeting all of you and I can't wait to see everyone again!