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Mel and I spent July 4th weekend, 2004, with her parents in her home town of San Diego. Toni and Bill live in an incredible house only minutes away from the beach in the town of Encinitas - they were the BEST hosts while we were there for 5 whole days. We left Tucson after work on Wednesday and finally got to San Diego later that night. Thursday was spent eating at one of her favorite lunch spots, Roberto's, cruizin' her old schools and playin' at Seaside beach. Mel did some skim boardin' mixed with a little face plantin' until we both hit the waves to do a some body surfin'...We got home Thursday evening and Bill had some authentic Carne Asada that he smuggled across the border that day for us to grill for dinner...YYUUUMMMMM! It was sooo tasty!

Friday was an early start up north to Magic Mountain to try our hand (...stomachs) at some CRAZY roller coasters! We went on a few starter rides with no lines to speak of and we thought we were going to have a line free day...until we found the cool rides. We waited an hour to ride Deja Vous and it was worth the wait. This ride sent us forward through some wild loops with our feet dangling in the air...the ride then stopped and did the whole thing again...backwards! That made us a little woozy so we decided to grab some grub and Italian ices to calm our insides. After that, it was onto a 2 hour wait for The Riddlers Revenge. That ride had us standing up the entire time as it whizzed through several loops and sharp turns...of course we had the front seat on both rides! Can you say Nausea Time! We'd had enough at that point and decided it was time to head back to San Diego. We got back later that evening and crashed hard after a long day. Even with all the walking and waiting, we had a great day.

Saturday was downtown SD day with a jaunt to Coronado Island followed by the Padres beating up on the Royals later that night at the new PETCO Park. We had great seats and the game ended with a 20 minute fireworks show that Mel survived quite well. Sunday started with a trip to the "Marine Room" where we had an incredible breakfast buffet spread as we sat overlooking the ocean. We had such a nice view! We strolled along the beach afterwards and then headed back downtown to take a tour of the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier. Now that's a Big Ship! We walked around and looked at different planes from different era's both down below and above the flight deck. IT was an impressive sight. After walking around all day, it was time to head back to the house. Toni made us a great spaghetti dinner which filled us completely as Mel and I headed off the Moonlight Beach for a final night of pictures. We got up Monday and relaxed until we headed back to Tucson around 1:00.

Special Thanks go to Bill and Toni for taking such good care of us over the loooong weekend. We had an incredible time! We can't wait to head back again in August! What a great way to spend a few days away from the 110 degree summer days of Tucson! Thank you so much!