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After Sasha's Wedding weekend in Lyon, France, on July 2nd, 2005, Steve, Ashley, Mel and I rented a car and drove to Wengen, Switzerland for 5 days of hiking and relaxing in a tiny ski town. So small that there were no cars allowed - you had to train it in. What was anticipated to be a few hours away turned into a full, rain-filled, one lane day of driving. Ashley had to stop in Geneva to meet with some clients so we used it as an opportunity to grab some lunch and see a bit of Geneva. Once we left Geneva, it was a winding, narrow road all the way to the town of Lauterbrunnen. From there we had to board a small train up to Wengen with all our bags in tow. It's about a 10 minute ride from Lauterbrunnen to Wengen with amazing views of the Lauterbrunnen valley all the way up. We checked into the Beausite Park Hotel just in time to grab dinner and had our first taste of what was to come for the rest of week...TOP NOTCH, 4 STAR DINING!

We woke up Tuesday and headed down to Lauterbrunnen to check out potential trails for later in the week. We strolled down the walkway alongside the rushing stream for miles as we took in the incredible 1,000 ft waterfalls every few 100 yards. It was a very surreal environment. We must have covered 8 miles that day but it seemed much easier with the scenery around us. Once we got to the end of the walkway we saw the trailhead we wanted to ascend. We had hiked quite a bit already and decided to tackle that the next day. Wednesday brought a different view of the mountains all together. We took the train again into Lauterbrunnen and drove to the end of the walkway where the trailhead started. As soon as we started our hike, the clouds opened up and the rain began to fall...hard...This didn't deter us and we pressed onward and upward. The climb was rather steep (and wet) all the way to the town of Gimmelwald. We stopped there to a) dry off and b) EAT LUNCH! Breakfast had certainly worn off after the ascent and we huddled in the Sky Tram station eating our baguette sandwiches, trying to defrost and dry out. After lunch, we took a Tram up to Muren where it was...Raining again. At this point we were pretty tired of both walking and the rain so we decided to take the Tram back down the mountain and walk back to the car. From there we drove back to Lauterbrunnen and trained it back to Wengen where we immediately darted for the heated pool/spa...aaahhh...We had another amazing dinner and then decided to grab a cocktail in the lounge to reflect on our trip so far as Steve and Ashley were leaving the next day to spend time in Lausanne. On Thursday, we all grabbed breakfast together and headed to town to do a little shopping. Steve and Ashley left before lunch and Mel and I decided to take a train into Interlaken to see what it was all about. It seemed like a nice place but we really didn't explore it enough get a feeling for all that it had to offer. Even so, we were glad we made the effort. We walked around Lauterbrunnen again on our way back from Interlaken and then settled in for our final dinner that night before we left for Paris the next day.

If anyone is looking for a remote vacation in Europe, I highly suggest staying at the Beausite Park Hotel in Wengen, Switzerland. We had incredible service and views to die for. It is truly a gem tucked away from the mainstream. We will definitely be returning!...I want to go back NOW!!!

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